Preparing for the move: handy tips

20 June 2017

As one of the best retirement locations within the coveted 5km of the Brisbane CBD, it comes as no surprise that as soon as our refurbished apartments become available, they are snapped up almost immediately.

If you are interested in living and loving your retirement dream at The Village Coorparoo, we advise you to be in a position to act quickly when a suitable apartment becomes available.

Here’s a few tips to help you get prepared:

  1. Get an understanding of real estate prices in your area and the potential value of your home – you may be pleasantly surprised
  2. Float the idea with your ‘significant others’ – opinions of family and friends can often prove a barrier to making a quick decision – talk to them now about your plans for the future
  3. Embrace the ‘d’ word: downsizing – parting with large furniture items and the thought of giving up the family home can be daunting; but it can also be liberating. Think about how many rooms in your home you are currently really using and picture yourself spending more time enjoying your home than looking after it.

If the thought of joining a community of active, social over 65s appeals to you, contact our Sales Manager, Ric Cohen on 3397 1122 to find out more.